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Your personal health designer, come with us, Green-Store.

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why? green store

Pharmacists choice NO. 1

Dietary supplement profession


pharmacy and hospitals

Professional nutrition consulting
for right supplementation

-Training of professional dietitian and consultant
-Nutrition therapy for each disease
-Customized training for special pharmacy and hospitals

High qualified product

-quality proven OEM manufacturing vendor in orldwide
-Specific formulation

Reasonable price with price-tag system

-For everyone’s supplementation
-Price tag system provide the reliability to seller and buyer

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New Product

Ultra Clean Omega 3

High potency pure omega 3 with green tea extract oil

"DHA + EPA 1,200mg"
"Vitamin D 400IU"
"Green Tea extract oil for anti-oxidation"

IFOS 5 Star certified
For improving your blood flow, blood lipid

Who needs ?
looking for high potency omega 3 (1 capsule daily you can take 1200mg)
Likes to eat often meat, processed food and flour food
Want to improve the blood lipid
Want to improve blood flow

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